Celebrate Global Flavours at Gears and Garage Restobar!

Take Your Tastebuds on a Voyage!

Get ready to embark on a culinary adventure like no other!

The Foodies’ era has begun to give more importance to the dining experience – It’s no longer a feast just for your appetite, but a treat to all your senses!

At Gears and Garage, we’re inviting you on a journey across the Globe with our Insta-worthy ambience, vibrant beats, and food that sets off fireworks in your spirits!

Let’s explore the menu of G&G filled with luscious cuisines from around the world. The tantalizing menu has fusion cuisines – diverse flavoured food with a special twist – and a large variety of creative cocktails curated for every palate. 

Our menu displays a diverse range of cuisines such as Chinese, Continental, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Italian, Indian, and more. The categories include Soups, Starters, Main Courses, Sliders, Sushi Bars, and Desserts – available to both Vegetarians and Non-Vegeterians.

We have refreshing & soothing soups and ravishing starters – the best ways to kickstart your dining experience.

From umami flavours of Japanese cuisines, delicious twists on Italian Classics, and the sizzling heat of Korean dishes, to bold Indian spices, G&G’s menu will satisfy every diverse craving you can have!

Check out some of our Must-Try Chef Specials – Fusion Cuisines at Gears and Garage Restobar! 

Crispy Lotus Stem

Indulge in this sensational veg starter that combines the crispy & delicate lotus stems and the zesty Shanghai-style hot garlic sauce to create an explosive flavoured dish. Golden batter-coated stems for the perfect crunch and aromatic chilli and garlic-infused sauce will give a spicy start to your culinary adventure! 

Kung-Pao Prawns

It is the perfect combination of crispy sautéed veggies, prawns, and a unique blend of sweet & spicy sauces for seafood lovers. Plump prawns soaked with hot spices and crunchy vegetables give you a delightful texture that will leave you wanting more. 

Murgh Angrese Kebab

Sizzling Chicken Tikka that provides a taste of culinary royalty. The smokey flavour of tandoori chicken pieces with bold Indian spices and English herbs is the best companion to your meal. Try this succulent starter with rich flavours and regal tastes! 

Mutton Sukka Pizza

One of G&G’s favourite dishes is Mutton Sukka Pizza. The chefs added a spicy Indian twist to the cheesy Italian classic! Marinated meat with aromatic herbs, spices, and bold Indian flavours on your favourite pizza will blow your mind and tastebuds! The thin slices with tender spices-infused mutton combine the best of both culinary worlds!

Veg Stroganoff

Dive into his veggie-overloaded dish of creamy Stroganoff served with aromatic butter garlic rice. Every bite is a delectable adventure with delightful flavours and sauces. Try this vibrant main course at G&G!

Mascarpone Panna Cotta

A delicate and velvety dessert that will melt against your tastebuds. The tangy sweetness from Mascarpone and the smooth texture of Panna Cotta will end your culinary journey on a blissful note!

Indulge in the juicy sliders with the best of international flavours, savour the cheesy pull in our cheesy pizzas, or twirl your fork into a plate of saucy pasta. Our chefs have combined ingredients and techniques from around the globe to create fusion cuisines that will elevate your dining experience.

G&G also provides an unlimited Fusion Cuisines offer at 1200/-! Avail of this offer the next time you visit the garage with your squad!

Buckle up for a ride of flavours & joy!
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